I didn’t sleep well last…

I didn't sleep well last night -- lots of tossing and turning. I'm inclined to blame Kevin, though -- it's gotten insanely hot here in Chicago, and while we did have the AC on last night, he only set it to keep it from going over 80 degrees, which is too hot for sleeping, in my opinion. But on the plus side, I was up at 5:30, so I've had three hours of productive time so far -- an hour of e-mail and journal reading, an hour of catching up on student responses, and an hour of exercise, shower and dress. And it's still only 8:30 a.m. Of course, I'll probably crash at 9 tonight, but that's okay.

I'm meeting Lakshmi at 11 at a cafe across the street from my new place; we're going to discuss publicity stuff for my book launch party and for Kriti, I think. She occasionally freelances for Chicago Public Radio, so I'm hopeful something might come of this. And even if not, it'll be good to see her -- she's going to be practically my neighbor, living only six or so blocks away. Exciting! :-) I don't know if I've mentioned her before -- she's one of the SAPAC crowd, but actually has known me for a lot longer, since she found my work on the internet a long time ago. I think she wouldn't object to being called one of my fans. :-) It's nice, having fans. She also went to school with my sister Mirna -- they were in the same sorority. Odd coincidences... Also odd trying to picture Mirna (soon to be Chief Resident at Cook County Hospital) in a sorority. V. strange.

So in a bit I'm going to go load up the car with plants and breakables, stop at a grocery store, pick up some essentials -- tea and milk and Splenda, plus probably some fruit and salad and sandwich stuff, and drop it all off at the new place. The electricity's set, but we're not entirely sure the gas has switched over to us yet, so we're not counting on being able to cook there for a bit. Which is just fine, given the aforementioned insane temperatures. Kevin has thoughts of getting a grill and barbecuing, but I honestly don't think he can take the heat. Maybe middle-of-the-night grilling is in our future.

Then back here for more packing. We're down to two big closets and the kitchen. I think we'll be done by Thursday...

Oh, and in case anyone was worried, it looks like our broker is okay after all. It's not really his fault that the rate went up -- looks like it was due to circumstances beyond his control. Annoying, but better to be annoyed at the universe than at a particular person. Better for me, anyway. I imagine others might feel differently.

I own property. Gods, this is weird.

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