At the literary festival…

At the literary festival in NY last weekend, several people expressed the desire to continue some of the conversations started there in an online forum. Since we live to please, we've created a DesiLit writer chat list, where desi (i.e., S. Asian and diaspora) writers are invited to come, hang out, exchange market info, ask publishing questions, plug their new books or readings, encourage each other to write, etc. and so on.

If this sounds good to you, and if you self-identify as a desi writer, please join us. We're hoping that this won't simple duplicate what the SAWCC list already does, since it will be limited to writers (unlike SAWCC, which covers all of the creative arts, as well as NY apartment listings :-), and it will be open to men.

Please note that this is not an appropriate place for workshopping and critiques -- if there's interest, we may create a separate workshop list.

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