My book’s a USA Today…

My book's a USA Today Notable Book for July! (One of five for that month.) The summary's a bit off, but who cares? :-) I actually have no idea what this means, but it can't be bad...

I actually did drive to Madison today (rather than getting a ride), and despite Kevin misdirecting me to Milwaukee, I eventually made it here safely. Going to rest a bit (v. tired from various WisCon prep things which always take three times as long as I think they will -- photocopying and the like), then go to tonight's Guest of Honor reading...

6 thoughts on “My book’s a USA Today…”

  1. Robert E. Harris

    I hope it means lots of copies get sold so it makes you rich enough to keep writing without worrying about money. Or even richer.

    RE Harris

  2. Wow! That’s wonderful. I’m eagerly awaiting your book, too. I’ve only ever read two or three of the stories and I can’t wait to read the new ones and see how everything fits in.

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