Having a bit of a…

Having a bit of a frustrating time this morning trying to reach Alan DeNiro to plan our joint Ratbastards/SLF party at WisCon -- I couldn't find a working contact link on the official Ratbastards page, and the contact address on the Taverners Koans page bounced. But I sent e-mail to Kristin Livdahl too, so maybe something will get through.

I want to be sure this party happens, because in all the hecticness this year, I failed to reserve a dealer's table for WisCon. I think I can still sell SLF stuff (and SLF co-op stuff) at the party, though. (Karen, tell me if I'm wrong). I have memberships to sell, and t-shirts and mugs to sell, and maybe some Co-op members will want to bring stuff to sell...

Oh, so failing to be organized this time around.

I spent a while yesterday running around to various stores, picking up frames. I was originally going to just buy cheap bulk frames over the internet, but I failed to calculate the shipping time accurately, and had to cancel the order I'd placed, which would have arrived next Monday. I like the frames I actually picked out yesterday, though -- it won't be quite as uniform a look, but I think that's okay. I have some really lovely larger frames, for those who want to spend a fair bit of money, and then some smaller inexpensive ones, for those who want something framed but on a budget. And lots of unframed pieces too. :-) Though I need to find out from Jim Hudson whether I really need to list every single piece that's going into the Print Shop on the control sheet -- if that's true, it may limit the number of prints I bring, just because I'm too lazy to write in a gazillion titles.

Today I actually print some out and frame them. Also go through my old WisCon art and see if there's any of it I want to bring up this time -- there's a half-table reserved for them. Also, pack some more boxes. Also, perhaps, start writing again.

I talked to Bob yesterday, and he likes the nonfiction book. He thinks I need to finish a full draft before he can try to sell it, which I think is reasonable, given that it's really unclear from what I've written so far where it's going to go. I couldn't write a pitch for it in this form -- I just don't know what it'll be yet. So I don't know how quickly it'll go, especially since Marjorie is halfway through the novel, and as soon as she gets it back to me with notes, I'll need to concentrate on revising that as quickly as possible. But it looks like I have my writing project for the fall, which is reassuring. I want to write this nonfiction book -- I'm excited about it. :-) And Bob thinks some of the pieces might work as stand-alones to be published in magazines and the like, which would be pleasing too. We'll see what happens.

2 thoughts on “Having a bit of a…”

  1. It was my understanding regarding the Broad Universe party that selling books isn’t OK at parties (unless a bookseller that also has a dealer’s table is doing the selling. I *think* that’s right, but obviously go with what any concom folks say).

    I don’t know about memberships, mugs, etc. for sale at parties. I can’t remember from WisCons past if any of the WorldCon bid parties were selling memberships, for example.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    You’re probably right, Heather, though it’s frustrating for me, since I’d be happy to pay the $30 dealer’s room fee — there just isn’t space in the room. I know Cecilia used to sell Circlet books at her party, but a) that was a long time ago, and b) it may have been different because she was the publisher.

    Clearly, I should just e-mail someone and check. It’s on the to-do list.

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