Various people have been…

Various people have been asking for my schedule lately, so here it is. This will also give you some idea of how much time a medium amount of book promotion takes. HarperCollins is paying for about half to two-thirds of the book-related travel. There's been a lot of stuff along the lines of "I'll be flying to San Francisco for a wedding anyway, so please schedule a reading there around then." They'll schedule that reading, but they don't pay for the travel.

  • 5/18-5/22: CT/NY trip
    • 5/18 - 5/19: visit parents in CT
    • 5/20: meet editor/agent in NY, attend Chiasmata opening reception
    • 5/21: 4-6 p.m. Writing the City panel, 6-8 p.m. Sex and the Suitor reading: Mohanraj, Rehman, Sharma, Naqvi, Kamani, Habib, Bhargava
    • 5/22: 12 - 2 p.m. writing workshop, 2:30 - 4 p.m publishing panel discussion (Anna Ghosh, Dawesar, Meminger, Mohanraj, Makhijani), 8 p.m. return to Chicago

  • 5/26 - 5/30: WisCon (Madison) -- panels: Common Questions for Pros, Whither the Carl Brandon Society?, Ratbastards/SLF Party, Is Everything Interstitial?, SH Tea Party, Smut and Nothing But, CBS Party, mid-career writers discussion

  • Mon 5/30 - 6/3: Jed staying with me in Chicago

  • Mon 6/6 - book club meeting, closing on new condo

  • Th 6/9 or so - move into new condo

  • 6/16 - 19 - SAJA in NY
  • 6/18 - 10:45 a.m., Columbia University - fiction writing panel organizer Aseem Chhabra (put in touch by Sugi)
  • go to Alex's house in NJ for engagement party

  • 6/27 - 7/8 -- summer semester residency at Vermont

  • 7/1 - Bodies in Motion launches!

  • 7/5ish -- closing on old condo, everything must be out

  • 7/8 - 7/10 - Artwallah Festival in LA? (unclear if attending)

  • 7/22 - 7/24 - book launch party in Chicago (actual event on 7/23)
  • 7/26 - reading at Chicago Seminary Coop
  • 7/28 -- reading at Chicago Women & Children First

  • 8/3 - 7 pm. - reading at Harry Schwartz, Milwaukee

  • 8/2 or 8/4 (possibly reading in Madison)

  • 8/11 - reading in S.F. at A Clean Well-Lighted Place
  • 8/13 - Kevin's sister's wedding in the Bay Area

  • Tues 8/16, 7:30 p.m. - reading in NY: B&N / Upper West Side
  • Wed 8/17, 7 p.m. - read at KGB in New York with John Crowley

  • sometime around 8/20 - possible reading in D.C.
  • 8/23 - 8/24 - orientation meeting at Roosevelt

  • 8/25 -- reading in Iowa City at Prairie Lights

  • 8/26 -- start teaching at Roosevelt

  • 9/3ish -- Alex's wedding in the Bay Area

  • 10/1 - Heather and Tim's wedding in Oakland
  • 10/1 - 10/2 - SALTAF festival in D.C.: undecided conflict with above :-(

  • Nov 4-6: Kriti festival in Chicago

4 thoughts on “Various people have been…”

  1. Wow! What a schedule. I’ll definitely catch you at the SAWCC thing and the SAJA thing, but I can’t wait to hear you read from BIM!

    p.s. Have you even heard from ArtWallah yet? Did you send in a submission? Maybe we should follow up…

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Glad I’ll be seeing you in NY — please please don’t be offended if I don’t recognize you at first sight — I’m terrible with faces! :-/

    No word from Artwallah, who I did send a submission to. I’m not sure I’m going to go even if they want me, since on the 8th, I’ll be flying from Vermont to Chicago, after a long and tiring residency session. And the airfare is not negligible to and from LA, so unless they pay their panelists, I’ll have to think hard about whether it’ll be worth it for promotional value. We’ll see.

  3. So I emailed ArtWallah… we’re to receive a letter in two weeks concerning our application. If we don’t hear by then, we should follow up.


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