It’s thunderstorming…

It's thunderstorming here. What a grand way to wake up! Lightning flashing outside my window, and the rain pounding down. I've lit a candle at my desk because this kind of atmosphere is too good to waste. If I can't do some of the non-fiction writing I've been avoiding for two weeks, given this kind of background inspiration, then I don't deserve to call myself a writer.

Two new grad school colleague blogs to read:

Dr. Write, by Lynn Kilpatrick
Middlebrow, by Jason Pickavance

A nice dinner with Beth last night, devouring too much sushi at Sushi Loop (my new favorite, the Mountain roll) and catching up on our lives. Afterwards, decaf lattes at Artopolis while we looked over about a hundred of my Sri Lanka photos and she gave me tips on cropping, taught me about burning and dodging, and advised me that it's going to be a lot easier to frame photos for WisCon if I print in standard sizes. Undoubtedly true, and yet it's hard to give up my perfect odd crop on some of these... We'll see how much time I have for futzing with this stuff. Essentially, I have this upcoming week to get my nonfiction draft into a reasonable-enough shape to show agent Bob, and also this week to print photos for WisCon. Plus a few days after I get back from NY. So we'll see how productive I am.

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