Morning, my dears. Did…

Morning, my dears. Did I mention that it's nice to be home? It's nice to be home, puttering about with my e-mail and plants and tea. I spent most of the morning working on Kriti festival stuff -- we've confirmed that Mira Kamdar will be attending, author of a Gujarati memoir, Motiba's Tattoos and a very established political activist. Pleasing. We have a Kriti planning meeting this coming Monday at my place, so I'm trying to tie up a bunch of loose threads that I left hanging when I left for Sri Lanka.

Also more talking to movers, getting estimates and the like. My inclination would be to hire someone cheap, but Kevin is worried about damage to the rooms and floors and the like, so would rather pay a bit more for someone with a really good reputation. We'll see what we end up with; will probably make a decision today. Oh, need boxes! Want to start packing!

Had a fun time last night; dinner with Dave L. and Shannon and Julia and Ysabeau and Angeli, followed by Twilight Tales -- read some poetry at the open mic. They had someone drumming throughout, Richard, who would adapt his drumming to the mood of your piece. A bit disconcerting, but interesting too, and I liked the flow of it -- no pausing for introductions, etc., just one poem after another, poets going up as the spirit moved them. Good energy -- I'd like to try running a reading like that sometime. Need to find a talented and adaptable drummer, though. :-) The best part for me was when I was reading a poem and a storm suddenly blew up outside -- the door was open, and there was a rush of papers flying around, rain pounding down, complementing the drums. Fun! I'm glad I finally met some of these folks too, whom I've only corresponded with; they seem like a really nice crowd. I should try to go again sometime, when the summer book tour craziness is over.

Plans for today include getting groceries, exercising, putting some things in the mail (meant to do last week), dinner with Beth to pick her brain about photography, and in between, maybe going to the cafe and trying to do some nonfiction writing. We'll see.

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