Luggage is put away (not…

Luggage is put away (not the things *in* the luggage, just the luggage itself) and laundry's going, though I don't know how much more I'll get done before I have to leave. I need to meet Purvi at 4:30 downtown so I can sign and get notarized some forms so DesiLit can actually collect its CAAP grant. Planning on heading over to the hotel after that to meet up with Ben and whomever else is around for the convention. Unclear on evening plans, though may try to stop by Nilofer's birthday party (way up on north side) sometime after 8, depending on what Ben wants to do. It is incredibly good to be home. My bed is so comfortable. My couch is comfortable. Everything is the right temperature. Everything is familiar. And while everything isn't clean yet, it's heading that way. I may never leave again.

2 thoughts on “Luggage is put away (not…”

  1. i’m glad you’re home safe

    i agree, the 12 hour timeshift is a killer. i hope you’ll change your mind about never leaving again though 😎

    you’ve made some good friends here in SL and we’d absolutely hate never to see you again

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