I *thought* I was all…

I *thought* I was all switched over. Figured I'd go to bed a bit late, get up a bit early, be a bit tired, and be on a normal schedule again. But no. I hung out at the Nebulas with lots of good folks 'til midnight, then dragged Ben home (he's crashing here this weekend), stayed up talking to him 'til 1, and then went to bed like a good little girl. Where I spectacularly failed to sleep for two and a half hours. I finally gave up at 3:30, because apparently my body still thinks it's 3:30 p.m., not a.m. I guess I'm up for the duration, and will just plan on drinking lots of tea and being tired today. On the plus side, this means I might as well spend the extra four hours cooking. :-) I invited a bunch of folks over for brunch at 11; they're going to get more than bagels and cream cheese now.

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