I hadn’t even realized…

I hadn't even realized it, but Soniah Kamal told me that there was a SAWNET review posted of BiM. My first full-fledged review of this book! Not a total rave, but generally positive, I think. Whew!

I'm too wiped to do a proper review of the day, but essentially, it was good to have dinner with Matt Frank, it was good to meet Pooja Makhijani and Sejal Shah in person, it was good to see and talk to Soniah again, it was good to hang out after Pooja/Sejal's reading with a bunch of S. Asians, some of whom were writer-types, and it was very very very good to see Kevin again. Only six days without him, but I missed him something fierce. I'm going to make him cuddle with me some more now.

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