Hmm…my journal has… journal has been very house-focused recently, hasn't it? Sorry if it's boring y'all to tears; with any luck, it'll be over soon. I saw a place yesterday that I really liked -- and it's not old, it's new, and very much in the style of our current place, renovated loft, very modern, in the heart of Bucktown. I dunno -- I think I just have to stop saying "This is exactly what I've been wanting" because as Kevin keeps telling me, I can apparently fall madly in love with all sorts of things. I still like the vintage place up in Lakeview too, but less so now that I realize that it's actually not a lot bigger than our current place (maybe 200 sq. ft. bigger) -- it's just more little rooms. I am easily charmed by anything unusual -- still sick of all the utterly generic spaces that form the bulk of what we've seen.

I leave around 11 for the East Coast. Laundry, water plants, etc. between now and then. I didn't actually buy the camera I wanted yesterday -- they didn't carry it yet at one store, and they were sold out at another. So I think I'm just going to buy it at Amazon. It's the new 7.1 MP Canon Powershot; spiffier than what my mother had planned on getting me for Christmas, so we're splitting the cost with them. Good deal all around, I think. :-) With this one, I should be able to take photos in Sri Lanka that I can actually blow up to a clean 15x20 print if I want. Very exciting. Now I just need to learn to take good photos. Luckily, I have many books on the subject.

The other thing I should do this morning is finish revising the last few scenes of the novel and send it out to people. I'm feeling disgruntled with it. I've gotten a lot done in this revision -- it's much better. But there are still quite a few things wrong with it. I know what they are -- some of them I know how to fix, some of them I'm not sure I do. Right now, I'm fretting that:

  • Shefali's character doesn't quite make sense yet
  • the prose overall isn't nearly as lyrical and beautiful as I'd like
  • it's all still a bit much to-the-point of their relationship; it doesn't have as much denseness as I want from a novel (would adding material from their childhoods help, or just muddy things?)
  • it is neither as wise nor as occasionally funny as I would like
  • it is just not...not perfect, dangit.

2 thoughts on “Hmm…my journal has…”

  1. I’ve been fairly house-focussed as well, trying to find a new flat to move into. So I empathise.

    You’ll pick a good one, one that you’ll fall in love with. I’m sure.

  2. Well, I’ve already spoken to some of those novel fears in my crits. But I find it engaging and fun. I think there is some good stuff from their childhoods already and adding more would be just adding, but then you write very well so maybe I’m passing on some hidden treasures. I find it funny in parts and heart tugging in many parts. I like it loads. 😉

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