We’re staying with David…

We're staying with David Fisher, Kevin's colleague. David has a very hot, very high-force shower. This was much appreciated this morning. Last night I was so exhausted that I felt sick, which made it hard to fall asleep. But eventually did, and I woke up early, so slept about six hours. Enough, but the shower definitely helped. Busy schedule today:

  • 10:00 coffee with Radhika of Breakthrough TV and Preeti of Thresh dance troupe, about collaborating on a book launch party in NY
  • find a cafe with wifi and revise last chapters of book, dangit
  • 1:00 lunch with agent Bob
  • 3:00 meeting with Marjorie, Bob, and new publicist Michael
  • 4:00 or so coffee with Leah, Marjorie's assistant
  • after that, if she's free, coffee with Marian, old friend
  • sometime in here, dinner? or put dinner off until later...
  • 7:00 possibly attend Abha Dawesar reading in Soho for Babyji, new S. Asian novel with lesbian protagonist
  • maybe dinner
Tomorrow morning, Kevin and I take the train to Connecticut to visit my parents, so today's really the only day for seeing folks. Maybe I should come to New York more often.

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