Chapter 13 done; took a…

Chapter 13 done; took a look at chapter 14, which is looking like not quite as much work, but close. Most of the scenes already written are fine, but it needs 2-3 new scenes. Sigh. I think that's just true for most of Part IV; somehow, I skimmed over a lot of stuff when I drafted this section. Part V is much better, so I'm looking forward to getting there. Right now, the revised schedule still has me finishing this draft by March 15th, but only by writing every single day until then. I really would like to finish it by then, because I'm meeting with Marjorie in NY a week and a half later, and if she has time to read it before then, it would be terrific to talk over her impression of the book in person. We'll see. My fingers are hurting a bit -- too much typing. Will break for a couple hours, at least.

Biryani done, except for baking stage. Coconut sambol done. Chicken pastries done. The chili eggs ran into some difficulty; I dropped the pot into the sink as I was filling it with water, and about half the eggs cracked slightly. None of them cracked open, so I went ahead and tried boiling them anyway -- producing lots of goopy egg white stuff in the boiling water. Not sure how many of them will survive this process, if any. I need to cool it down now and find out.

After that, exercise, shower, dress. If eggs are in decent shape, chop and fry onions with chili for them. And that pretty much takes us to people arriving. Meeting from 1-5ish, probably, with me hiding in the tv room and working, I think. And then this evening, a couple friends may stop by to take a look at our place; there's some small chance that they might actually want to buy it, which would obviously be delightful. We'll see what happens. If they don't, we'll probably be listing it within a week.

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