This set of revisions is…

This set of revisions is taking longer than I'd expected; chapter 13 in particular needs a lot of work. Slugging through it, and I think it'll be done by lunchtime. I'm hosting a SAPAC meeting here today, which means I have to clean up a bit, and do some more cooking; it's potluck, but I like making sure that there's a good solid base for the potluck when I'm hosting.

The plan is for saffron biryani, chili eggs, coconut sambol, and the little chicken curry pastry appetizers I've been experimenting with, and which have come out quite yummy. They're similar to what we'd call 'patties' in their components, but rather than a closed pastry (like a samosa), it's a little open pie, which I think is prettier and more appetizing. Take pie shell, roll it out, cut it with a cookie cutter into small circles, fit into a mini-muffin tin. Fill with pre-made chicken curry, where you've first quickly sauteed the boneless chicken thighs and cut it into small dice, before currying the chicken and cooking it down 'til the curry is almost dry. Bake for ten minutes at 375. Yummy and adorable.

I think cooking is going to be my main contribution to this meeting, though; I have a lot of work to get done at the moment, between writing and grading, so I may actually sit out the actual meeting and try to work instead. We'll see how much I get done between now and 1 p.m., when people will start arriving.

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