Jeez, I’m tired today. …

Jeez, I'm tired today. Yesterday was an exhausting day; long workout, then a fair bit of walking around on errands, and I got home late from the book club meeting, and then couldn't get to sleep until after 1. So definitely feeling a bit out of it today.

The book club went great -- thirteen people showed up to discuss The Namesake, and I wouldn't be surprised if most of them came back and/or more people showed up. So that's cool. I also ended up swinging by Dame Couture, mostly out of curiosity. I still think having a dress handmade is pretty much an extravagance way beyond what I can justify, but one interesting thing they said was that once they made the pattern, if I later wanted more dresses in that style (with different fabrics and detailing), they could make them for half the price. Interesting. Something to keep in mind for when I'm rich and famous. :-)

Speaking of rich, or at least having a reliable income, it looks like I'll have a second job interview this Monday at Roosevelt University here in Chicago. This is actually more of an interview than the last one, which was more of a preliminary meeting. Wish me luck! And I may also be meeting this coming week with some people at UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago, where Kevin teaches). Two promising possibilities in Chicago.

Gods, it would be lovely to have a job. Not so much because we're desperately short of money -- we're still not saving much, but we're getting by fine. But because we'd like to get back into debt -- specifically, Kev and I are really starting to press at the seams of our two-bedroom apartment, with boxes falling down on top of me because they're so precariously crammed into closets and the like. Unless I have a solid source of income (it'd take three years of good book-income tax returns before the bank would be willing to consider that as reliable income), we can't get a mortgage for a bigger place. Something with, like, three bedrooms instead of two. Our needs are not so mighty. So, someone should offer me an academic job, please. That would be very nice. The waiting, it's driving me a little batty.

I think I'm going to wait one more day before going back to revisions, to see if any of my readers have any comments for me on part II, and also to get my brain back. So today, clean up the apartment (something of a disaster, especially the kitchen since Kevin brewed beer yesterday), finish the SLF annual report (which I finally started and drafted half of yesterday), and maybe make some art. Stained glass coasters are sounding very appealing right now. I think I may actually make a set without words -- just colors. Feels a bit scary abandoning my text-based art crutch, though.

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  1. Hello

    How does one find out what the next book is for the book club!!! And if there isn’t one picked already, are suggestions welcome ??


  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    If you join the Chicago Desilit list (directions are on our website), then you’ll be sure to be informed of any decisions about the book. I think the next one is Difficult Daughters.

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