Yesterday was an odd…

Yesterday was an odd day. I don't want to go into a lot of detail because I'm not sure they'd be happy about it, but somehow I ended up coming out about poly to my family. Again. I had done so before, years ago, but apparently when I moved in with Kevin, some of them had somehow assumed that that meant my 'poly phase' was over. I didn't realize they were assuming that, I casually mentioned Jed in a conversation, a relative said Jed-who?, and confusion ensued. Followed by clarification -- hours of clarification. Oof. It wasn't awful, just tiring. I think it's a blessing that we're all getting older and no longer have the energy for the screaming fights of my teenage years.

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  1. OMG. I so sorry, sweetie. My hubbie & I had to face a little of that with the marriage and our friends. “So, once you get married you’ll be done with this poly thing, right?”

    Umm… No. Why fix something that ain’t broke.

    Glad it wasn’t screaming, sorry you had to do it twice.

  2. That is difficult. Glad it wasn’t a shouting match. There are some things my mother will never understand about me, polyamory being one of them. For years I had to keep reminding myself that not understanding me is not the same as not respecting and loving me for myself. It DOES get easier as one gets older, in my experience.

  3. Speaking of polyamory, there is a syndicated radio show, the Michael Baisden Show, with
    three guests on the subject. It is on 106.3 WSRB in Chicago tomorrow, according to a link on the site.
    It’s also on a station here in my area; WDAS,
    and a few others.

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