Morning, munchkins. I…

Morning, munchkins. I think today's an errand day; there was a lot of concentrated writing in the last few days, and my brain is wanting a break. Putter around the house this morning, maybe even do a bit of sewing, exercise. Then, once Kevin's up around 1, go to the cafe to deal with piled up e-mails for the afternoon. This evening, I have the first DesiLit book club meeting, discussing Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake. Oddly enough, that dressmaker I pointed to in yesterday's comments is just down the street from the cafe where we'll be meeting, so I may actually try to stop by and talk to them.

I wanted to note that this whole diet/exercise thing with the treadmill seems to be working pretty well for us. The scale this morning said 135.8 -- I don't think I've been down in the 135's in close to a decade. Pretty exciting. Another six weeks of this, and I should be back to 130, my college weight. That's going to be tremendously satisfying. Let's hope my willpower holds out. Of course, that'll take us to the beginning of April, when I leave for a month in Sri Lanka, with its yummy yummy food. It's going to be a challenge, not gaining ten pounds right back on that trip -- lots of walking will hopefully help.

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