Another interview,…

Another interview, Coastal Carolina. No further word yet from Milwaukee-Wisconsin; I'm biting my nails. For those keeping track the MLA interviews are now: Tulane (New Orleans, LA), Coastal Carolina (Conway, SC), Colgate (Hamilton, NY), Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL), South Carolina (Columbia, SC), Califorina Lutheran (Thousand Oaks, CA), and St. Joseph's (Philadelphia).

It's honestly difficult for me to tell which of these jobs I would prefer at this point. There's a lot to factor in -- location as an absolute, location as relative to Kevin's chances of getting a job nearby, heaviness of the teaching load (which affects time to write), time spent teaching creative writing and lit., rather than mostly composition (I actually think composition is interesting, but I've taught an awful lot of it, and would like to try something new), quality of the students, reputation of the department, and, of course, salary. There are advantages to small liberal-arts colleges; there are advantages to large state universities. Right now I'm just planning on meeting each interview enthusiastically, because I just don't know right now which job would be the best for me.

Writing progressing well so far today. I went back last week and hacked and slashed a bit, so I'm only now coming up on the end of part III, which I thought I had completed. But now it's a much more solid completion, and I think once I finish today's interlude section, I'll be in good shape to start part IV (of V) tomorrow.

Also took a break and wrapped Xmas presents for my family and Kevin's, and packed a suitcase for Xmas travel. I know, it's insanely early to pack, but I'm just feeling fidgety and anxious about all the upcoming stuff (both the interviews and the teaching in Vermont), so doing things in advance appears to help relieve the anxiety.

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