Woke up early early…

Woke up early early today; up since five or so. I've spent the last two hours reading medical journals, as research for my book. One of my characters is an intern; another is a doctor a few years down the line. I've mostly been just skimming over the medical stuff in the book, but I'm going to have to go back and layer it in. I'm just about two-thirds of the way through at this point and am feeling a strong urge to go back and start fixing things. But I'm trying to ignore that and just keep marching onwards. I promised Bob a draft by Christmas -- it's a strong motivator. Deadlines good.

Breakfast, then writing, I think. I have a lot of stuff to put in the mail today, and then a meeting down in Hyde Park this afternoon with one of my old professors, David Bevington. I may try to do some writing in the afternoon in the C-shop, but just in case that doesn't happen, I want to get an hour or two in now.

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