Second interview…

Second interview scheduled -- Tulane. :-)

In other news, we're going to a party tonight, hosted by Lisette's dad at the Racquet Club (very fawncy :-). I'm not sure what to wear; I'm currently in the midst of attempting to alter an Indian outfit I have.

I think some of you at conventions have seen the top (dark red, v. sparkly). The bottom was a pair of very full-cut pants, way too long for me. To preserve the cool embroidery at the bottom of the pants, I didn't want to hem them up. So instead, I've done two things -- cut off about a foot from the waist of the pants, and cut the pants open and re-sewn it into a full skirt. I'm about to reattach the waistband to the new waist. I'm not entirely sure how to deal with the fact that there's now a lot more fabric at the waist than the original elastic worked with -- but I think it'll be okay. If it's a bit messy there, it's not a big deal, since the blouse comes down to cover the waist. We'll see what happens... I'm sure if it's a complete failure, I can find something else to wear.

I don't know what it is about the holiday season that brings out the domestic in me. I just wish I knew how to do more on a sewing machine than a single straight seam. I should take a basic class sometime...

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