We engaged in a mild…

We engaged in a mild consumerist frenzy yesterday -- Kev and I took the afternoon to catch up on household shopping. Some items weren't too pricey; a $5 kitchen shelf from The Container Store (I adore that store!) solved our mug problem and allowed us room to purchase some sorely-needed red wine glasses. Not sorely-needed by me, since I'm perfectly happy drinking red wine out of a plastic cup, but more and more these days we seem to be entertaining folks who are actively disappointed that our only wine glasses are a) cobalt blue, making it impossible to see and enjoy the color of the red wine (my sister falls into this camp), and b) of a style suitable to white wine, which I think means more narrow than rounded, and which doesn't let the red wine breathe sufficiently. Or something like that. In any case, Crate & Barrel has quite reasonably-priced glassware in their basic section, so we now have red wine glasses that are sturdy enough to go in the dishwasher (unlike the two that Kevin had before, which were fragile and annoying unto me), plus some bonus brandy glasses.

Which, unsurprisingly perhaps, led us to Sam's Wine Emporium (not sure if that's the actual name, but it should be), where we bought a nice little sauterne to serve with the pumpkin cheesecake that Beth's bringing to Thanksgiving dinner (I had no idea what a sauterne was, but Kevin and the wine guy agreed that it was an appropriate complement to pumpkin-ish desserts, a sort of sweet light gold wine, a little sharper than an ice wine or other dessert wine). Also stocked up on various items we'd run out of -- single-malt scotch and cognac and Benedictine (which I like because it is made by monks and has herbs in it :-), plus we picked up a bottle of a chai cream liqueur, because I could not resist it. They were giving out samples in the store, and it was yummy. Like Bailey's, but with chai spices. We now have enough liquor to last us until the Second Coming, or for at least a year, whichever comes first.

And we very quickly stopped at Whole Foods and picked up our little turkey. Only nine pounds! Tiny! We are only five for dinner this holiday, which strikes me as a paucity of people. We were supposed to be seven, but two are sick. Sadness and woe. But I suspect we will have a rousing good time nonetheless. Today I go to the regular grocery store for the rest of the stuff, and then come home and make the stuffings in advance -- one classic mushroom, and one sausage-cornbread-chipotle, because even with just five people, I do not intend to stint on stuffing. Because it is nummy. And then all I have to do is a salad tomorrow -- Kev's doing the turkey, and Nilofer and Beth and David are bringing the rest. Feels positively lazy, as T-giving's go. Who knows -- I might even get some writing done! :-)

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