Kevin came home last…

Kevin came home last night. We watched an episode of Good Eats, where Alton recanted on the idea of stuffing (I had saved this episode for Kev, because we have an ongoing debate about stuffing -- sadly, he was not convinced by Alton, so the debate rages on), and then I dragged Kevin to bed.

Now, since I'm a smut writer, people who don't know me well perhaps believe that we then engaged in hours upon hours of energetic and highly varied and experimental sex. If it pleases you to believe that, feel free. There was, I admit, at least some sex.

But mostly, we spent hours upon hours just lying in the dark and snuggling and catching up. I know that some couples while travelling still spend hours a day on the phone with each other. That's never been our mode -- both of us tend to get caught up in whatever we're doing while travelling, and conversations home are brief and unsatisfying. Which meant that after his being away for two weeks, we had a lot to catch up on. We talked and talked and talked, mostly about academic job stuff, though not entirely, until around midnight. I fell asleep easily, and slept well (which has not been common, the last two weeks).

I've started fretting about this whole possible year apart thing. Kev says we shouldn't borrow trouble -- that I could get one of the three jobs in the area, and then all the fretting will be for naught. But I cannot help it. I fret.

3 thoughts on “Kevin came home last…”

  1. Heck. My hubbie & I can spend hours on the phone while we’re apart and it doesn’t matter. Getting home, the first order of business is snuggles. And then cuddles. And talking. Kissing, sure. More snuggles. And talking. Sex at some point, and then falling asleep in each other’s arms. I totally hear you about just wanting to *be* with the person you’ve missed.

  2. Mary Anne,
    I would never see you as a ‘smut writer’. I see you already as an exciting published author with a lot more things to come in your life that will rocket you skywards. I placed that bit of writing in Lakshmi’s Diary as sensitive & profound but you don’t need me to to tell you things you already know. And your night with Kevin sounded beautiful!!
    London, UK

  3. Susan, that’s sweet, but I feel I should clarify that I don’t mind the label of ‘smut writer’ — it’s certainly an accurate description of what I was / did for several years, and I think it’s interesting and valuable work.

    Even if it’s no longer my main focus, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are still quite a few of my readers who still primarily identify me as a smut writer, and I’m really fine with that. 🙂

    But mostly I was just teasing in that last entry anyway…

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