I’m having a hard time…

I'm having a hard time motivating these days -- all I want to do is sit on the couch and goof off with the net. But I do have errands and appointments, so perhaps that'll get me up and moving. I'm going to have a quick breakfast, then go mail various and sundry items (mostly additional job materials), then go to the grocery store. I have a 1 p.m. appt. downtown to discuss grant stuff for Kriti with Purvi and Unitey -- oh, should call first and make sure Unitey will be available. Then I should probably sit in a cafe for a bit and try to get some writing down. Plan to cook in the evening. And at some point today, I hope to insert a few copyedits into the galley proof that HarperCollins sent me of BiM. I'm not sure if I'm going to also try to actually proof the entire manuscript again -- I've done it something like three times already. Though I probably should, since I think this is the last chance for changes that won't cost money. I think.

I haven't exercised in weeks. Sigh.

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