Hey, munchkins. I…

Hey, munchkins. I didn't do any writing yesterday (but I did 3K on Friday, so I was 1K ahead of schedule). Today is nominally an off-day, but if I squeeze in a thousand words this evening, I'll be all caught up. We'll see -- if that doesn't happen, then 3K tomorrow. Sounds do-able.

Generally a quiet day yesterday -- for some reason, exhausted. Mostly puttered around the apartment, cleaning up and organizing and such. Did go and get that ladder shelf thingie, which took way longer than it should've. But I'm happy to have it; the plants look happier now that they're taller. Also we got groceries for brunch today. Some people coming by for potluck (Jen and Kameron and Jennifer and Rich and Nilofer and Robert and Mike and Linda and Fawzia), which'll be nice.

Kevin is going to go into the department and work (he doesn't enjoy socializing as often as I do), but I woke up today to find that he'd done a whole bunch of prep for me last night -- grilled the chicken and shelled the pistachios for the chicken-mango-pistachio salad, and chopped the broccoli and leeks for the frittata. And even better, he had weighed and written down the calories for each, making it so much easier for me to actually keep track of what I'm eating today. Brunch days are generally hopeless dieting days, but he saved me today. He's my hero. :-)

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