I just got my WindyCon…

I just got my WindyCon schedule, and I need y'all's help. Please note this particular panel:

Friday 16:00 Orly: You Don't Know SF: What pieces of recent science fiction or fantasy are essential for a reader to have read to understand the current state of the field? Brown, O'Neill, Resnick, Mohanraj

I am on this panel with Resnick, who I am pretty sure will have very different tastes than mine. I'm not sure who Brown and O'Neill are. I need ammunition -- remind me, please -- what fabulous stuff has been written/published in the last year or two? I've got Matt Ruff's and Elizabeth Moon's books -- what else? My mind is coming up oddly blank...

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  1. Allan from NW burbs

    looking more forward to Windycon everyday now! O’Neill, AFAIK, probaby refers to John O’Neill who edits and publishes a fantasy oriented magazine out of St Charles, magazine title is called _Black_ _Gate_. And one would suppose that Brown refers to to Charles N Brown editor of _Locus_.

    As far as suggestions, one might be inclined to include M. John Harrison’s _Light_ (a book now on my want to read list), K.S. Robinson’s _Years_ _of_ _Salt_ _and_ _Rice_ (siting on my to be read pile), and Mary Doria Russell’s _Sparrow_(sitting on same pile).

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