Got some nice news…

Got some nice news recently -- "Kali" has been selected for The Best of Best Women's Erotica. Cool. That makes it the third publication for this story, which is pleasing unto me. I think it's now tied with "Fleeing Gods" for most-reprinted story. Both stories are kind of silly, and were a lot of fun to write. Maybe this is telling me I should write goofy more often? :-)

In other news -- let's see. Oh, a few weeks ago, I bought a terrarium at Marshall Fields -- it was marked down from $55 to $20, which was impossible to resist. I am weak-willed in the face of major sales. Of course, it was tiny, which left me faced which the question of what exactly I could fit in a less than a foot high terrarium. I ended up going with miniature orchids, which the nice lady at Juno Beach Orchids assured me might actually bloom someday. I have my doubts, but it seemed worth a try -- especially since I gather that they're now exceedingly low maintenance; because the terrarium conserves moisture, I supposedly only need to water these once a month. We'll see. Whether or not they bloom, I admit that I find it pleasingly Victorian, to have a little terrarium. My desk is getting rather crowded, though -- I need to find a better way to lay out these plants. I'm thinking one of those bookshelf ladder things might be just the trick...

Plan for today: Work on copyedits of Bodies in Motion until 1. Then go to cafe, and work on writing The Arrangement. A two-book day. Cool. :-)

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  1. We do what we can, without sunlight. 🙂 I’m a little worried about that new ficus (left of desk) — it’s dropping a lot of leaves. I know that’s common after you transport a ficus — they get a bit shocky when changing environments. But I’m wondering if there’s anything else I can do to make it happier.

    I’m also thinking that it might be worth investing in some sort of fake-sunlight bulbs to make the flowering plants happier. Any suggestions? All the leafy greens seem to be doing fine, but my jasmine only manages one or two flowers on an occasional basis. (And if I do put in more light, will that hurt my orchids? Oh, it’s all so complicated…)

    Would you believe that I *just* fertilized them, for the first time ever? I feel like a cruel mother — “No, you can’t have anything nice to eat. You’ll survive on crusts and water, and you’ll like it, too!” Very Darwinian, I suppose — the ones that have survived are pretty tough…

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