Y’all were surprisingly…

Y'all were surprisingly helpful on the nude beach question, but I have further queries re: that -- see comments on last entry, please.

I had sort of an odd evening yesterday. I went home, ate something, went to the gym and did treadmill for forty minutes, which made me feel very virtuous. My scale this morning thinks I'm down to 137.4, which was lovely to see, though it could easily slide up a bit -- Sunday's my actual write-down-the-measurements day. So I was in a good mood, for a while.

But Kevin was out (unusual in the evenings), spending time with a math guy from out of town. And some I got to feeling...not sad, really. Sentimental, nostalgic, with just a touch of melancholy? I ended up spending about two hours skimming through six months of journal entries, from the period just before I moved here (December 2001 through May 2002). I was curious how much of what actually happened made it into the journal. A surprising amount of my emotions did; I didn't remember that I'd been that honest and open about my mopiness. A non-surprising amount of actual events was left out -- there were a few critical incidents that it would be intruding on Kev's privacy to relate, and so they aren't in the record, and won't be. Maybe if I write my memoirs someday, I'll ask him if it's okay to put them in. They were important.

So I read through, generally feeling remarkably lucky that we made it through that confusing time, that I'm here, in Chicago, with him. But he wasn't actually home, was he? So I went to bed fretful, and even though I called Jed and chatted for a while, in the end, I fell asleep restless, and had a few nightmares. In one of them, we were in a stretch limo, while someone evil was trying to break in. Kevin was inside with me, helping to fight the guy off (I think all we had for weapons were forks, which are totally not my weapon of choice), but not very effectively. We did manage to make it to the police station in the end, where they took the guy into custody. Make of that what you will. :-)

I don't have a point to all this -- just early morning ramblings. I'm in my cafe now, eating a salmon-tomato bagel sandwich, sipping chai, getting ready to dive back into the book. It's grey and rainy out, which is actually weather I really like, but it's a bit chilly in here right now. Maybe I can get them to turn down the AC...

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