Okay, caught up from…

Okay, caught up from skipping yesterday, yay, with 4000 words today! Tempted to keep going, but I think I'd best give my fingers a break. And besides, I need to do a little research first.

Anyone know where I could find a nude beach, someplace tropical, that'd be warm and sunny in January? And ideally, someplace gay-friendly, where guys go to hook up...

Tonight, rest and relax, try to finish getting rid of this vestige of a cold. If I'm very good, maybe I'll actually start studying Tamil -- though I've successfully avoided it for months, so why should that change now?

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  1. Re: Miami Beach

    I’m from south Florida and South Beach is a great hip, gay-friendly nude beach, but it’s a tad chilly in January unless you’re from the arctic. 🙂

  2. Ok, so not tropical, but…

    I once went to a nude beach in San Luis Obispo, in January. It was a lovely warm day. Didn’t spot much gay cruising, though.

    I haven’t been there recently, but Bonny Doon Beach, north of Santa Cruz, has had a relatively high percentage of gay men in the past.

  3. You guys are great — but I realized, I should’ve been even more detailed. So of the places above (and the U.S. is definitely preferable, for cheapness of last-minute airfare), which places:

    a) would be warm enough for swimming comfortably in mid-January, and

    b) would be places where guys might actually be having sex, once it got dark?

    I’m a little worried, looking at the websites, that places like Miami Beach might be too crowded for that kind of thing? What I’m really thinking of is a place Alex took us to, a nude beach, mostly gay, where on one end of the beach he assured us there were plenty of nightly hook-ups. Unfortunately, that beach is in New Jersey, and my story needs to be in mid-January when this incident occurs…

  4. Mean January temp. 79 degrees. Post Christmas,
    airfares from the mainland are usually quite resonable.

    Mokuleia/Polo Field beach on Oahu has a definite
    side of the beach where Gays hang out (right side facing the ocean) and some of the activity you mention could happen in the trees/bushes back
    from the beach, but set back quite far from the Highway.

    Do some web searches on this beach.

    Only thing to watch would be wave height in the
    winter months. Could make swimming a little

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