Last night, I also read…

Last night, I also read through the favorite entries, and realized that it's obviously been a very long time since that page was updated. So, hey, if you have a favorite entry from this journal, send it along, ideally with a brief explanation of why you like it. It's Friday, after all -- you don't really want to do any actual work today, do you? :-)

This December will be the nine-year anniversary of this journal -- I really ought to do something fun for the ten-year anniversary. Hmm...maybe it's time to revisit my Kingdom. It's been quite a while since anyone new signed on... I think for the ten-year anniversary, if someone reminds me then, maybe I'll send out presents to all my subjects, and also to anyone who claims they've actually been reading this journal from the very beginning. (Really big presents if they can substantiate that claim in some way. :-)

Kingdom Roster

  • King Mary Anne I

  • Princess Sharmila, High Consul Overlooking Various and Sundry Internal and External Affairs
  • Shmuel Ross, Grand Vizier
  • Countess Sunita Von Count, Minister of the Department of Redundancy Department
  • Zak Jarvis, Lord of Ostentation, Minister of Obfuscation on first Wednesdays in August
  • C.J. Czelling, Seneschal
  • Sir James of Tallahassee, Director of Covert Operations
  • Sir Marty of Chelmsford
  • Marissa Lingen, First Subject
  • Dan Percival, Subject (Knight-in-Disguise)

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  1. Rereading some old entries lately, I’d have to say Tuesday, July 6, 2004, 4:45 PM, has to be one of my favorites: it is a perfect example of the mastery you are developing with tone of voice, your ability to select the key detail, to invoke the colors of everyday life–the things that have gotten some of us addicted to this journal. It’s hilarious, too.

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