Feeling a bit hectic and…

Feeling a bit hectic and frazzled today. Slept later than I intended, didn't have time to do much before going to the gym and meeting Sarah at 10. Killer workout, which was good, except that now I am sleepy. I came home, cleaned up me, cleaned up the apartment, ate some lunch and then ran out the door to work at a cafe. I'm now ensconced at the Bourgeois Pig, which is lovely if a bit warm -- Chicago's been quite warm recently. I'm planning to start actually writing at 2 -- I spent a good chunk of the bus ride up plotting, so I'm hopeful that today's writing will be focused and fruitful. If I concentrate and have the scenes plotted in advance, I can usually manage 1000 - 1500 words in two hours.

This is important because I think I'm going to leave early, around 4 instead of my normal 5, so that I have time to cook dinner. A few people are coming by for a Kriti planning meeting, and I promised to feed them. Curry, I think -- biryani rice, cauliflower curry, green bean curry, cabbage mallung, chili eggs. Vegetarian, for a change. That's about two hours of cooking, I think, so if I leave at 4, I should have time to finish by 7, when they arrive, even fitting in a quick stop at the grocery store on the way. I think. :-)

Oh, I just want to put my head down and sleep. But. Must. Work. Perhaps a snack will help -- Karina, I'm eating a Wallaby Bar, which claims to be from Australia. Yoghurt, macadamia & ginger. Does that sound Australian to you? Australian or not, it is yummy, and only 150 calories. Good bar.

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