My editor’s husband,…

My editor's husband, Jamie, apparently just got the exact same sort of job at Spalding University in Louisville, KY. I somehow hadn't realized this was a common kind of position. Coolness. Offers a nice flexibility and hope for the future.

I need to get cranking on the academic job application process for the 2005-06 academic year. Revise my c.v. and cover letter, start researching jobs in AWP's job list. Of course, it may end up being just like last year, and I won't even get any interviews. But I'm casting a wider net this time (I only applied in Chicago last year), and I'm in a significantly better position, with the HarperCollins book deal. We'll see what happens once I write a hundred or so applications...

When Kevin applied for jobs out of grad school, he applied for three hundred positions. Oof. I think he got two offers out of that.

The plan is to apply everywhere feasible in the Chicago area, and then for good jobs elsewhere. I.e., if Stanford offered me a job, I'd definitely take it; if Mills College offered me a job, I'd probably take it; if a community college here in Chicago offered me a job, I might take it, but I probably won't be applying for community college jobs outside Chicago. If I don't get a good distant job or any kind of local academic job, then I'll just stay home and write for as long as Kevin will let me. :-)

If I get a good distant job, then I'll take it and Kev will look for a good job in the same geographic area. This may, of course, mean that Kev and I end up living apart again for a year or two while we try to find academic positions in the same place. The idea is stressful, but we've been very solid for a while now, and I'm pretty sure we'd survive the distance. I think.

It's clearly the right thing to do career-wise. Just a bit worrisome. And I'd miss him like crazy, of course.

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  1. Dang, I keep forgetting about AWP. I’m looking for similar work, though I’m first casting my net within Canada. Thanks for the reminder!

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