We’d like to put…

We'd like to put together a list of skilled volunteers who'd be willing to provide e-mail tech support for tech exchange recipients faced with new computers/printers/digital cameras, who aren't quite sure how to get them up and running. We expect this will be a first computer/etc. for many of our recipients, so they may be particularly confused and in need of support. They could really use your help.

Our list of volunteers wouldn't be publicized in any way -- we would simply send the list of names and contact e-mails to technology recipients. If at any time you would want to be removed from the list, we would be happy to do so.

If you're willing and able to serve as volunteer tech support for this program, please drop a line to me with the following details:

tech specialty: (i.e., Macintoshes, Canon digital cameras, etc.)
e-mail contact:
phone contact: (if you're feeling particularly generous :-)

Thank you very much!

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