Y’know how I mentioned…

Y'know how I mentioned Richard Butner's chapbook a day or two ago? Dan Percival poked around and found out that "Some Lessons", the story I wanted to buy for AE, is now published and available online. It's very short, so go, enjoy. I'm very glad he found a home for it.

The meeting went well last night -- productive. Glad I did it, but oh, was tired afterward. Just a really long day -- and I think in compensation for being tired, I ate too much dinner last night. Felt like a big old log afterwards. Oh well -- I can be virtuous the next few days, hopefully. Sunday I check my weight/body fat again. We'll see how it goes.

Did I mention that I'm rereading Crowley's Little, Big? It's Dan's fault -- he's read (and liked, yay!) the first section of TA, and noted some similarities with the Crowley, which I didn't remember from the last time I read it, oh, these many years ago. So a few days I started rereading it, and now I'm halfway through and thoroughly enthralled yet again by the gorgeousness of the prose and the charm of the characters. And a bit startled at how similar some aspects of the two books are, though mine has no fairies in it. Not literal ones.

Had to drag myself out of bed and the apartment this morning, but I did make it to the cafe. A little more e-mail/journals, and then at 10, I go back to writing. I'm in a fun section of the book, where suppressed desires are clawing their way to the surface and emerging from my characters full-force, sort of like having alien critters buried in their guts. High-energy!

I have a pretty good idea what needs to happen, so the writing is going very fast. And I'm about to incorporate a short story I wrote about these guys a while back and never published, so that should add a chunk of wordage quickly. :-) Though there are definitely some adjustments to make in the process -- in that version of the story, Shefali is 19, not 30! I think when I drafted that story I was thinking that to get yourself into this kind of nutty situation, you needed to be young and stupid. Luckily, I realized that one can be quite stupid at any age.

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  1. I’m so jealous that everybody else got a head start on these stories years ago! Now I’m sitting here wringing my hands waiting for your book(s) to come out. And I love the above line as well. So true.

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