The entire day has been…

The entire day has been paperwork. SLF paperwork. DesiLit paperwork. My own paperwork, paying bills and putting various other items in the mail. It's sort of satisfying getting things done, but very few of the tasks are actually completed -- most are simply further along than they were. Progress, but slow.

I did finish reading Vikram Chandra's Love and Longing in Bombay at some point this morning. Good short stories. (Long short stories -- five of them made up a substantial book.) I'm trying to pay attention to what makes one South Asian writer (telling a South Asian story) distinct from another. Trying to figure out how to not be generic. It's not so easy.

One non-generic (also non-South-Asian) writer is Richard Butner -- I'm most of the way through his chapbook from Small Beer, Horses Blow Up Dog City & Other Stories. I'm still sorry that the New York editors wouldn't let me include one of his stories in Aqua Erotica -- it was a good story. This is a good chapbook, with a clear and inimitable style. I like the way his mind works, at least as evidenced in these pieces. His vision of the future is more than a little frightening, but I find it pleasing nonetheless, in its coherence and vibrance.

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