Yesterday was a weird…

Yesterday was a weird day, a lethargic, slightly mopey kind of day. For no good reason, except perhaps that I didn't actually exercise or write fiction -- is it possible that I've already gotten so used to the two that the lack of same will throw me off badly? Weird, if true. Today I'm planning on both -- exercise soon, followed by writing of fiction in a cafe, so we'll see if the day is better. I'm still feeling a bit mopey, to be honest, even if I did get lots and lots of paperwork done yesterday. It was an efficient day -- just not efficient about the right things, perhaps.

I'm feeling a bit disconnected, and maybe you can help. I'm wondering, my invisible sprites, what is going on with you, especially those of you whose journals I don't regularly read.

Talk to me, people. E-mail or comments to this thread, whatever's good for you. Tell me how your week is going, what the weather's like where you are (it's pretty close to perfect here, holding sunny and breezy), what you've got planned for the day, and so on. Toss in a few of your hopes and dreams, if you feel like it. Tell me a joke. Just say hello.

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  1. I got cfengine working last week, but it took until yesterday; and I was supposed to start LDAP last week, or at the latest yesterday, so I’m a little behind now. Gotta go crank on LDAP now.

    I owe you e-mail. (Delayed by spending time at work working on projects like cfengine and LDAP rather than sending non-work-related e-mai. :^)

  2. I was just thinking today how funny it is that I have a whole friendship with you that you know nothing about. (Not to sound creepy.) I enjoy your journal because you are just so open about everything. Also, I’m sort of fascinated with all the stuff about getting your books published. Sorry you were blue yesterday. I am always irritated when I don’t get to write. (Well, and ok, sometimes I’m irritated when I do, depending on how the day goes.) Wish I had a joke for you!

  3. It’s getting cooler here. I’m enjoying the change but now my children are sick and that always has me out of sorts. Every time they pick up those pesky germs from daycare I get hit with the guilt of no longer being a stay at home mommy. Boo.

    I need to get back to the gym myself. I haven’t been since May. Sad.

  4. Aviva and I have been telling each other knock knock jokes. (For other readers who don’t know Aviva, she’s three and a half).

    I always try to use names of people she knows, and to throw in the obligatory pun, so mine are like:

    Me: knock, knock
    Aviva: who’s there?
    Me: Noah.
    Aviva: Who Noah?
    Me: No, it’s “Noah who?”
    Aviva: Noah who?
    Me: No ah don’t want to go to the store
    Aviva: (squeals of laughter)

    She is under no such compunctions, so hers are like:

    Aviva: knock, knock
    Me: Who’s there?
    Aviva: Annabelle.
    Me: Annabelle who?
    Aviva: Annabelle Nobody!!!
    Aviva: (squeals of laughter)

  5. Maybe it’s the change in seasons, but I was in the same mood yesterday. The weather in southeast Virginia is gorgeous; mid-70s, crisp and clear. Normally, this weather makes me want to cook, write, create… but not yesterday and, so far, not today. Perhaps exercise (Pilates for me) and writing are the key.

    Hope your mood has improved by the time you get to read your comments!

  6. Sad days here. We had a sophomore student killed in a flaming car accident on Saturday afternoon. Two teens killed, one from a neighboring school. Monday was a day of grief, memorials, remembering. As a policeman said in the paper today, a perfect storm: 16 year old boy, new driver, hilly road, speed, wet pavement. Maybe you caught some of the low spirits from me. Life is a bit better today.
    (Actually, I keep a web journal for my students and grads. It never would occur to me to think you would be curious about such a thing.)

  7. Sean: …so the vendor rolls his eyes, adds ketchup, mustard, and sauerkraut to a hot dog on a bun, and gives it to the monk. The monk bows slightly and hands over a five-dollar bill, which the vendor pockets before turning away.

    “Pardon me,” says the monk, “but you’ve forgotten to give me my change.”

    The vendor replies, “Change must come from within.”

  8. Hi Mary Anne, My ‘puter died last week during Ivan, but fortunately that was the worst of my troubles. I’ve since replaced it with a faster machine and am now back on line. Sorry you had a mopey day yesterday, hope it’s all better today.

  9. Hi!

    In general, I’m enjoying my new place, my new school, the fact that I’m a student surrounded by other students. It’s a little weird to be a 30-something year old among 18-20 year olds, but still good. I’m enjoying my classes.

    In specific, today was a really, really weird day. Too complex to explain here, but a day that transformed the way I see myself, the entire world, whatever.

    (Oh, and if you don’t know me by this name, ask Jed).

  10. I’ve been blue this week too.. All of my artist clients have been out of sorts as well. maybe it’s the impending election.

  11. *Still* haven’t written my Worldcon report (was great to finally catch up with you at a con), and still trying to catch up on everything. But feeling good because I’ve had my first royalty statement and my first review on my ebook. It’s an ebook, so the royalties will buy only a reasonable round of drinks – but it’s nice that that many people bought the book in the first week, and it’s really nice to get a 5 cup review at Coffee Time Romance – for a gay romance. 🙂

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