Stacy Wong, are you…

Stacy Wong, are you there? Could you drop me an e-mail, if so? I have a question for you -- and the e-mail link on your webpage isn't actually an e-mail link.

This morning, it's cafe writing again. I'm going to have a cup of tea first and review the to-do list, then I'm off for four hours in a cafe. We'll see if I actually get any work done.

In the afternoon, I hope to do a little shopping to find Karina a birthday present. Presents, yay! :-) I should also find Kevin a present, but the problem is that I know what to get him and I can't figure out how to get it. Maybe y'all can help -- he doesn't read this journal except when I'm out of town, so it should be safe to discuss.

He doesn't really like any of our mugs, and the ones he likes are the ones called 'diner mugs' -- very classic shape, you'd undoubtedly recognize them. I did find some, in the cobalt blue I wanted, but this company is designed for bulk orders, and I don't need thirty-six mugs. Four would be enough, thought six would be better. I have found many white diner mugs, and many with logos on them, but no small sets in cobalt blue. Googling has taken me as far as my google skills can take me. Not sure if I should just buy the crate and redistribute the extras to friends at this point. It's a good price. Hmph.

5 thoughts on “Stacy Wong, are you…”

  1. Those are pretty enough that they could be given as gifts for people who make extra donations when they (we) renew our SLF memberships with an extra donation…maybe an extra $30 or whatever. It would certainly get me to renew for next year in a hurry…especially if there were only 30 available.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    David, are you talking about plain cobalt ones? In the diner style (the second set of pictures down the page)? Or were you thinking they’d have the SLF logo on them, or of the ones at the top of the page? (which seem prettier to me, but sadly are not what Kev is looking for)

  3. I realized the diner style ones were the ones Kevin wanted, and my comment referred to them. But I agree that the ones above are more attractive. I wasn’t thinking about an added SLF logo; I just thought the color was appropriate. But the logo would be nice, too.

  4. We have a few of these at home, and I’m not 100% positive, but I’d be willing to bet that the place I’ve seen them is… the dollar store. Bright color, classic shape, ceramic.

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