Jennifer and Shannon…

Jennifer and Shannon both met me at the cafe (Jennifer beat me here, and called demanding to know where I was :-). Oh, and hey, Neil just arrived. Everyone's so diligent -- we'll see if we keep it up.

I'm pretty happy with the work so far; my story was progressing in predictable narrative form, and I just found it boring boring boring. I've spent the last hour cutting and pasting and revising bits and bobs, and now instead of three short straightforward chapters, I have one long tangled confusing one. Much better. :-)

Now I get to try to do that for chapter 4-6 / 2.

2 thoughts on “Jennifer and Shannon…”

  1. You’re so cute. I laughed when I read what you did to the book. You know your writing best, so I’ll trust you. Not sure I would edit that way, though. Looking forward to seeing you at WorldCon.

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