Just checking in again. …

Just checking in again. It's so nice to be able to check in from home -- everything is so familiar. It's deeply reassuring. I like being home.

The desk progresses in usability -- my iSight is now hooked up, so that when Jed gets back to town, he can see me anytime he wants. :-) Kevin figured out that if I stick a photo album under my computer, I have a temporary raised and tilted work surface, which is helping with the hunching-over problem. I have an inbox on my desk, with stuff in it to deal with. I have been dealing with them, making the pile in the inbox smaller. This is good. My headphones are plugged in, so I can shut out the world -- though that's not working so well this weekend, because there's a major Greek festival going on right outside my window, a fundraiser for the new Hellenic museum that's coming to Greektown. It's a good cause, so I am tolerant of the hours and hours and hours and hours of very very very loud Greek music. Yes I am. It helps that there are sexy Greek girls dancing to it, with much shaking of their hips, every time I walk by.

I made dinner around 6-ish -- the first time I've really cooked since I got back, very satisfying. Not that I didn't cook in California, but this is *my* kitchen. With my pots and pans, my knives, my everything suited to me! It's good. I think David and Jed are going to get identical kitchenwares from me for their birthday next March. :-)

I cooked a sort of random dish, marinated thin-sliced chicken breast in lemon juice, chili and curry powder, then grilled with sliced red onions and bell peppers and chili peppers and eggplant. I love my nonstick grill pan -- it's a wonder, and makes cooking healthy so very much easier. I didn't realize how much until I was in California and without it. I recommend it unto you. Ours is round and wide and has ridges on it. And is nonstick -- that part is very important, since it lets you mostly dispense with oil.

After dinner, read for a bit, finishing the Kunzru, which did indeed grow on me (like kudzu :-), though I'm still not sure I approve of the ending. Will have to ponder it further, because I'm really not sure where he was going with it. Then I got restless and decided to go for a run. I am not sure who this person is who just decides to go for runs. If you had asked me a year ago if I would ever just go running because I was restless -- well, I wouldn't have believed you, that's for sure.

I spent most of the summer just trying to hold steady, not actually trying to lose weight, and didn't quite manage it. In early June, I was at 137 -- as of two days ago, I was at 139. Gaining a pound a month is not so good -- that would quickly become untenable. I'm trying to think of it as a reasonable state, given how much socializing and eating out I did in California. But not something I want to see turn into a trend. And while I'm far from the 152.5 I started at in January (oof!), I still would like to get down to 130 at least -- and my doctor would rather I was at 120. So the goal for this fall is to get to 130, with no more than 30% bodyfat. More running, more weight-lifting, more muscles. More cooking healthy stuff at home, less eating out.

Kev's started doing this stuff too (he apparently lost ten pounds while I was gone this summer, which is good for him, but frustrating for me that he did it so quickly, sigh). Hopefully that'll be a motivating force. At least exercise has gotten a lot easier than it was -- although perhaps that means that I'm not working hard enough now, and weight will come off even slower than it did before? I don't know.

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  • Let me try that again! Do you know about Fitday? (http://www.fitday.com) It’s free to sign up and provides a very nice little batch of utilities for sorting out nutrition. There’s a PC version which is downloadable and does you no good at all, but there’s also the free web-based version (which I’ve also used). Using it over the last couple of days, I’ve been able to fine-tune my food intake for the cycling I’m doing. I’d spent about 2 months with my weight just cheerfully hovering no matter how much exercise I was doing. Once I got it balanced, I immediately saw it start dropping again. Very happy.

    Plus, Fitday even has a built in entry for sex as a form of activity, with different calorie usages depending on how you do it! 🙂

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