Various birthday notes…

Various birthday notes -- if you're in the Bay Area and would like to come to my birthday party in the park on the 25th of July, drop me a line. And if you'd like to bring or send a present (neither is required, or even expected, but sheer greed requires that I at least mention the possibility :-), I do have an Amazon wish list -- search for my full name in the wish list section. If you want me to receive any presents before I get back to Chicago, you might want to e-mail me and get a Bay Area mailing address for me. Or you can write to Jed if you really want to surprise me. :-)

E-mail greetings are also much appreciated; my actual birthday is July 26th. I'm going to be 33! Oof! Eep! I actually really like being in my 30's. It's a very good decade so far.

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