Due to e-mail snafus…

Due to e-mail snafus between me and Christophe, the Blowfish checks were delayed, eep! Mostly my fault for not following up better, I'm afraid. But now checks are in the mail (or should be by tomorrow) to all but six of the authors (and those six have e-mails from me asking that they resend their electronic contracts, please). So one way or another, I should be really really done with that soon. Of course, there's still proofing the galleys, and promoting the book...

2 thoughts on “Due to e-mail snafus…”

  1. Great to hear about the Blowfish stuff – any idea when the book will out and/or when there will be a cover shot available? I’d like to add it to my web site so my “loyal readers” (ha!) can start looking forward to it!

    Thanks, s.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Not sure, I’m afraid. I’ve asked Christophe for an approx. pub date, but he hasn’t gotten back to me yet on that.

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