Pleasant evening…

Pleasant evening yesterday -- Jed and I watched In and Out again, which is just funny and charming pretty much all the way through. A surfeit of good actors; I think my favorite here was Joan Cusack, but it's really quite hard to pick in this one.

Today, Cliff is coming by at 2:30 for a visit, which should be nice. Until then, more catch-up on e-mail. Lots of little SLF things in play, starting to set up the Older Writers' Grant, for example.

Still taking it easy, though feeling mostly recovered now. Might attempt some light exercise today, hopefully go to the gym tomorrow. Or vice versa, I suppose. We'll see. I really took most of May/June off from the whole diet-exercise thing, and I'm trying to get back into it now. I haven't been on a scale in weeks, and after the pasta-cheese extravaganza of this weekend, I'm a little nervous. But as long as I haven't gained back all the weight I lost at the beginning of the year, I'll try to be content. We'll see.

I'm envious of Heather losing 22+ pounds! Time to get back on that horse again...

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