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My class starts on Monday, and I have at least a tentative syllabus done. I'm too tired to reformat it for the web, but here's a quick copy, in case any of you want to try to follow along. The supplemental readings won't be discussed in class; they're really just in case anyone is getting very into it and wants more -- they're from Aqua Erotica and Wet.

Kearny Street Workshop:  Sexual and Erotic Writing

Schedule of Readings

Week 1 (July 5th) - 	Discussion:  Language, Inhibitions
				"The Handbook of Sex of the Plain Girl", Marian Yee, _On a Bed of Rice_
				"To Women Who Sleep Alone", Amy Uyematsu, _On a Bed of Rice_
				"Gloriously", Kitty Tsui, _On a Bed of Rice_
				Exercises:  Sex terms, poem

At home:  	Read:	"Rubenesque", Magenta Michaels
				"Sex Talk", Dorothy Allison, _Skin_
				supplemental:  "I Want", Mary Maxwell (AE)
				"Slick", Jack Murnighan (Wet)
		Write:	A poem

Week 2 (July 12th) - 	Discussion:  Description / Mainstream
				Selections from Bad Sex Awards 
				Selection from _Emmanuelle_, Emanuelle Arsan
				Exercise:  Bad sex scene

At home:  	Read:	Two selections from _Vox_, Nicholson Baker
				supplemental: "New House", Daniel James Cabrillo (AE)
				"The Ugly Cock Dance", Mary Gaitskill (Wet)
		Write:	A full bad sex scene (prose or poetry)

Week 3 (July 19th) - 	Discussion:  Memoir
				"Dear Mom", Carol Queen
				Exercise:  "I enjoy"
At home:  	Read:	"A True Story", Cecilia Tan
				"Her Body, Mine, and His", Dorothy Allison, _Skin_
				supplemental:  "Movements", Michael Hemmingson (AE)
				"On the Uses of a Bathtub", Jeffrey S. Chapman (Wet)
		Write:	A memoir scene (prose or poetry)

Week 4 (July 26th) - 	Discussion:  Imagining the Other
				"The Queer in Me", Carol Queen
				Exercise:  Scene from POV of the Other

At home:  	Read:	"Fish Curry Rice", Ginu Kamani
				supplemental:  "Minarets", Barry Yourgrau (AE)
				"The Flood", J. Hartman (Wet)
		Write:	A full scene from Other POV

Week 5 (Aug 2nd) - 	Discussion:  Ethics / Asian Focus
				"The Size of It", Timothy Liu, _On a Bed of Rice_
				"Stories to Read Aloud: No VI", Allan DeSouza, _On a Bed of Rice_
				Exercise: "My Asian/American fetish"

At home:  	Read:	"No Name Woman", Maxine Hong Kingston, _The Woman Warrior_
				"Pearl Diver", Cecilia Tan, _On a Bed of Rice_
				supplemental:  "Naked Woman Playing Chopin", Louise Erdrich (AE), "Sakura", 				Diane Kepler (Wet)
		Write:	Begin full story (fiction or non-fiction), 
				bring draft for group critique next week

Week 6 (Aug 9th) - 	Discussion: Genre Distinctions (Erotica/Porn)
				Exercise:  Erotica paragraph, porn paragraph, same scene

At home:  	Read:	"You Go Too Far", Ray Vukcevich, _Blowing Kisses_
				"Sex Writing", Dorothy Allison, _Skin_
				"How to Write a Best Erotica Story", Susie Bright
				"Hotel Excelsior", Jaie Helier, _Blowing Kisses_
				supplemental:  "In Deep", Simon Sheppard, (AE)
				"Depths", Dave Smeds (Wet)
		Write:	Finish full story, bring draft for MA crit next week

Week 7 (August 16th) - 	Discussion:  What Makes a Good Sex Scene?
				Exercise:  Mark-up your favorite scene from Reader

At home:  	Read:	Students find a piece online or in print, bring enough 
				copies next week to share with class
				"Mint in Your Throat", M. Mohanraj
				supplemental:  "Seven Cups of Water", M. Mohanraj (AE)
				"How It Started", M. Mohanraj (Wet)
		Write:	Revise full story

Week 8 (August 23rd) - 	Discussion:  Publishing / Markets
				Exercise:  Draft a cover letter

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