Oddly groggy the last…

Oddly groggy the last few days; Kev is too, so I think we may be fighting off a cold. I sneeze, on occasion, and fall into bed thoroughly exhausted before 10. It's not a huge problem, just a vague annoyance, at least right now.

I leave at a ridiculous hour tomorrow morning, so anything left to do must be done today. I think most of the outside errands have been done, including a triumphant repair of one of my favorite pairs of sandals -- if you're in Chicago, I recommend Brooks Shoe Repair, at 55 E. Washington, 3rd floor. Excellent job, and because I was leaving town, they did it in three days for me, as a courtesy. Very nice. Glad to know cobblers still exist. :-)

I sort of want to write a story today. I feel like I've done enough research for that war story now, and I'm starting to itch to write it. But that seems foolish, given the stacks of paperwork things I want to go through before leaving, just to be sure nothing important gets forgotten. We'll see.

Tea now. Will probably check back in later. And if you posted in the open thread, I haven't forgotten you. Still planning on responding there...

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