Morning, munchkins. …

Morning, munchkins. Feeling mostly okay this morning -- my cough is worse, but I don't feel tired, which is the most important thing. I can work despite a cough, as long as I don't start hacking phlegm up onto the keyboard...oh, there's an attractive morning image for you. Sorry about that. :-)

Today's a let Kevin have the apartment day, which are actually really good for me, since they get me away from the evil television. I need to do some stuff around here first, though -- finish doing the dishes, exercise, finish taping up the bathroom walls, download some materials to work on, since I won't have net access during the day. Should have plenty of time to do all that before he wakes up, though, since I doubt he'll be up before noon.

The taping of the bathroom walls is with painter's tape -- we're painting, yay! Kevin was convinced that we needed to wash the walls first (which admittedly, at least one website with painting tips recommended). Sadly, when we washed the walls with soapy water last night, bits of the old paint started peeling right off, revealing how truly crappy the previous paint job had been. (Either that, or we somehow did it wrong, but I can't imagine how -- it was a very mild soap and water solution). I'm not sure the washing did much good in any case -- if we paint other rooms, I don't think we'll bother. I've never washed the walls before painting before.

So finish taping, or as much as I can without a taller ladder (I need to call the building management and have them loan us one), and maybe tonight or tomorrow, prime. I thought priming was going to be super-tedious and smelly, but the Home Depot people sold me a water-based primer and said it was much easier to work with and less smelly than the oil-based kinds I'm used to. We'll see how that goes.

And then, by the weekend, it's going to be painted blue. Very blue. I would love an almost-cobalt blue, but that's way too dark for a little room with no actual windows, so we're going with a much brighter blue. But still deep and rich and oh, so blue. Yum.

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