Okay, it took a little…

Okay, it took a little longer than I expected, but Kevin's just gotten up, so that's okay. Exercise, check. Dishes done, check. Taping -- eh, almost done, can finish when ready to prime, so check. Lots of backlogged e-mail, plus the bonus of downloading all the TOR manuscripts and making up a tracking sheet to log them, double-plus-check. Showered and dressed -- well, still in my underwear, but as soon as I decide how cold it is outside and how many layers I need, check. Which just leaves me with packing my bag and making a cup of tea for the road and actually going...

...which leaves me with a dilemma, because I am really not sure what I'm doing today. Possibilities include:

  • seriously revising Saraswati thus far, which I think it needs before I try to draft further, to get it into the right voice and level of detail (4-8 hrs)
  • finishing the David Mura book (1 hr)
  • reading the Guy Gavriel Kay novel at the bookstore (3-6 hrs)
  • reading the TOR synopses and sets of three chapters and taking notes on them (2-4 hrs)
  • writing a James White review for SH (30 min.)
  • playing Sims (infinite hours)
Given that I won't make it to the bookstore until about 2 p.m., even if I stay until 10 p.m. when they close, there's just no way I can finish all the tasks above, evidently. I think the correct order of priorities is White review, TOR synopses, Kay novel, revise Saraswati, Mura book (since I own that one and can read it at home), playing Sims. But I'm not sure.

I'm pretty sure that last category does go last, so perhaps I will pop the CD out and not take it with me, just to be safe. Because you think you're just going to play for half an hour, just long enough to get the flooring down and the wallpaper up, and somehow it's three days later and they have a massive outdoor pool and a plasma tv.

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