Chronology corrected,…

Chronology corrected, although in the process I found that I had neglected to copy the latest version of "Other Cities" into my dissertation, dangit. Fixed now. Just printed out a full copy (double-spaced, it comes to about 270 pages) to send to Bob. Going to go drop that in the mail, then go to the gym. Feeling tired again, but not nearly as bad as yesterday; I think I can manage at least weights today. Hopefully some cardio too.

In between, I've been reading David Mura's Turning Japanese, a really interesting book about the year he (a third-generation Japanese American poet) and his wife (a white doctor) spent in Japan. They're in their early 30's and it all just feels very relevant to me and where I am right now -- he does a good job interrogating his own sexual responses to Japanese women, for example. He's coming to Chicago and teaching a workshop I'll be taking this coming Sunday, so I'm excited.

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  1. Be careful about working out while you’re sick. From what I understand, it’s usually not a good idea, since your body needs to use its resources to heal, not build muscle right now. I totally understand the impulse, though!

  2. Heh. I did feel horrible afterwards for about an hour, but still glad I did it. Was getting insanely restless. 🙂 You know how it is…

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