Feeling surprisingly…

Feeling surprisingly better today (surprised because Sharmi said she was sick for four days when she had this). I took NyQuil and just conked out last night, which may have helped. I think I should be able to make it to the gym today since the only symptom I'm noticing is a slightly scratchy sore throat. I feel like I really need to work out -- there was a lot of eating and little exercising this weekend.

Before that, though, I need to print out a copy of my dissertation and get it to Bob -- and that means I want to finish fixing the chronology from David's notes. So that's the plan for this morning.

All of this is slightly hindered by the fact that last night, my trackpad just conked out. Doesn't do anything at all. I freaked out briefly, but we managed to find a mouse buried in a supply chest, so I can work, but it's disconcerting -- I keep instinctively trying to use the trackpad and failing. Still, as computer problems go, this one is pretty minor.

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