Hey, munchkins. So, I’m…

Hey, munchkins. So, I'm finding myself a little overwhelmed, not sure where to start. See, a while back, Kevin and I started talking about merging finances, doing the various paperwork to do this joint life thing. And we got as far as a joint bank account, and then stalled, mostly for lack of knowledge for what else we ought to do. (Also inertia -- it's easy to just toddle along as we are, but that seems not so wise as a long-term plan.)

Is there a checklist somewhere, maybe for gay couples who can't yet get married? What are the legal things that we should do, if we don't want to actually get married? Help?

(I'm not sure how I got stuck with figuring this out, either. He's claiming it falls under 'household stuff', which is generally my purview. Hmph.)

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  1. I found one site, but it looks a little slick, and I can’t tell if they’re actually offering something useful, or if they’re just trying to sell me something.

    Hmm…maybe Nolo Press will have something. They’ve been useful in the past. I’ll go check them out.

  2. As expected, I love Nolo Press. They have a very clear section on living together, and the various legal aspects: property, financial, medical, etc. The only thing missing are links to specific legal documents one can fill out and file. But maybe you’re supposed to just take this list to some kind of attorney and they take it from there?

  3. Based on what I’ve seen in other Nolo stuff, if you were to actually buy the book they would probably have forms included.

  4. Oh, you’re so clever. I just read their encyclopedia articles — somehow missed the side link to their book. That’s clearly the thing to do, then. Their book on incorporating as a non-profit was pretty close to perfect, so I’m inclined to trust them.

  5. Bought and downloaded the book. Kudos to them yet again for offering a downloadable PDF version, allowing me to save on shipping costs. I’d be even happier if they also made it cheaper than the print version (say $5-10 less, to account for printing and book storage costs?), but I’ll forgive them for not being quite perfect. Almost perfect is good enough.

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