Today’s exciting e-mail…

Today's exciting e-mail exchange:

Katie (my thesis advisor, tersely): "Let me know when's a good time for us to talk about your thesis."

Mary Anne (in a sudden panic, having not expected to hear from Katie for weeks): "Hey -- are you back in the country already? I guess so. Today's not so good. I could talk anytime Wednesday/Thursday/Friday that's convenient for you. Although if you could reassure me that you haven't decided it's total crap and that I should just start over and plan to graduate in three years, if ever, that would be nice."

[spend next hour utterly unable to work on anything, checking e-mail compulsively every five minutes, watching Buffy in between, an episode in which, incidentally, Xander's teacher turns out to be a big giant insect that wants to bite his head off -- until finally, Katie sends e-mail response:]

Katie: "I enjoyed it tremendously--and of course I have a few suggestions. :-)"


My heart rate is slowly returning to normal.

5 thoughts on “Today’s exciting e-mail…”

  1. There are times when I’ve found that IM, or more often the phone is better for one’s sanity than email…

    i.e. the “we’ve gotta talk” email from a loved one…

    glad it worked out!

  2. Heh. It’s remarkably hard to be objective about this stuff. Just because *I* like it doesn’t mean it’s any good — I probably won’t really be able to tell that until five years after I finish it. So it’s good to get outside reassurance.

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