Yesterday was an…

Yesterday was an intensely social day -- I came back from Milwaukee on the train and went straight to Angeli's birthday party, which was held in a bar at 1 p.m., and which led to me drinking whiskey sours far earlier than I normally would. And eating lots of cake. It was not a good dieting day -- especially since all that was followed by stopping by John and Michael's (they got engaged recently, yay!) for their Oscar night shindig which had been catered with all sorts of yummy little high-fat appetizers. I'm honestly not much of an Oscar person, but I did enjoy all the hobbit stuff.

Came home, crashed. Woke up, played Sims for a while -- just having a very hard time motivating to do anything. I need to at least clean up the disaster that is my apartment (I came home last night and asked Kevin if he'd missed me -- he said he'd missed me so much that he'd made lots and lots of dishes for me. I'm not sure where the logic is in that statement, but it's true that there were lots and lots of dishes) before Kev brings John and Michah by to drink some of his homemade beer. (Beer, yuck.)

I need to exercise. And I need to not eat an ungodly amount, like I did yesterday -- it's a little tough, because my stomach is grumbling at me, saying "But *yesterday* we got to eat lots and lots..." But I will exert willpower. I'm sure I have some somewhere. And I'm not going to play any more computer games today. I have to be able to get at least a little work done when I'm not on deadline, right?

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